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Do you want your own glamping?

Be at the beginning

Do you want to be a part?  

Did the look of glamping arouse in you an inner desire to convey to people around you an extraordinary combination of nature, luxury, comfort, convenience and peace for relaxation or even digital detox?

What can glamping bring you?

The benefits of investing in glamping

  • Return on investment 1 - 3 years
    The return on investment is related to the size of your glamping site.
  • Very fast project implementation
    We will build your glamping site in 3 to 6 months.
  • Year-round operation
    Our concept does not suffer from seasonal fluctuations in demand.
  • You will not burden your land with infrastructure
    We always build with respect for nature, and what we build together will not leave irreversible changes in nature.

Who is a suitable candidate?

For who is glamping suitable?

On the greenfield

If you own a romantic piece of our Earth or you have the option of long-term lease of beautiful land, contact us.

Extension of existing operation

Do you own a smaller hotel or guesthouse and you have appropriate land next to your establishment? You can very easily use your existing infrastructure and with minimal operating costs you can expand your existing business.


What land is suitable?

What makes a plot Land with a large P? It should be in a quiet and peaceful place and should have a certain geographical uniqueness.


A body of water, whether it is a raging stream, a pond or a waterfall, will make your location a pearl.


Views from the hills or mountain slopes will leave your guests with unforgettable memories.


Mountains, rocks or even a smaller stone motif will give your locality a touch of uniqueness.


The view of flowering or snow-covered meadows, vineyards or pastures creates an extremely calm impression.


Your location can be captivated by something unusual in its vicinity.

Cooperation & partnership

What we can offer?

  • 1
    Help with choosing a suitable area and plot
    Alternatively, we will help with its transformation into a suitable plot.
  • 2
    Business model and know-how
    Use of the trademark and the COLONY Glamping systems.
  • 3
    Reservation system
    You will always have an overview
  • 4
    Complete delivery and construction of glamping tents and outdoor facilities
    Includes indoor and outdoor facilities, including outdoor wellness (barrel with hot water, sauna, steam room ,etc)
  • 5
    Our own solution for tent insulation
    Year-round operation is not a problem, including a significant reduction in the cost of the winter season.
  • 6
    Complete promotion processing
    Includes promotional materials, photographs, videos, websites, and social networks.
  • 7
    Marketing support and customer base sharing
    Thanks to our sophisticated marketing system, we will fill your capacity to burst.
  • 8
    Staff training
    Includes training and practical introduction to operation manuals.
  • 9
    Warranty and operation support
    Includes a 5-year warranty on tents and a 2-year warranty on technical equipment.
  • 10
    Products and services for additional sales
    Together, with regard to the location of your location, we will design suitable products and services for additional sales and streamline each booking.

To make it work

Mutual expectations

  • 1
    You must have a suitable plot of land
    It is ideal to hold the land in your ownership. However, long-term lease of the land is also possible. We will be happy to discuss and advise you on your current options.
  • 2
    You must have your own capital
    To purchase a franchise license ( What do you get in the franchise? ), You must have your own capital. Partial financing with a bank (or non-bank) loan is also possible.
  • 3
    Your and our approach must be correct

    In short, when we agree on something, it must apply. We want to work with communicative, decent and optimistic people.

    We do not sell buns, but a long-term business model, a lifestyle, a partnership that may eventually turn into a friendship.

  • 4
    Optimism, enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the cause
    We want to cooperate and support people who have the desire and enthusiasm to build a unique place for relaxation, rest and to share their work with their guests.
  • 5
    Ensuring operation according to Colony standards
    In order to maintain quality at the highest possible level and to be a proud market leader, it is necessary to respect what we have proven in practice.

Nothing just happens. In order for your glamping business to function and prosper in the long run, you must respect our operating principles and quality standards..

That is why we cannot do without mutual respect and respect for nature.

Do you feel enthusiastic and an opportunity?

I want my own glamping

If you want to learn more about the possibilities of cooperation on the basis of franchising and want to meet us, please fill out the form that will appear after clicking on the button.