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Protected area Brdy

Unique accommodation 

Glamping Brdy

Completely unique accommodation in the nature with your own private outdoor wellness area. Gain strength for trips around the area right here at Colony Glamping in Brdy. You can stay in two tents - Behind the stream and Between the streams and in the Cabin with a view. You will have a beautiful view of the landscape from each unit. Relax in the sauna and hot tub. Gaze at the stars overhead and listen to the peaceful nature around you.

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Castles and Chateaus

Visit the Blatná castle or the state castle in Březnice, both castles are only a 30-minute drive from your accommodation at Glamping Brdy. Blatná Castle has a beautiful English park with fallow deer that you can feed. The castle in Březnice, originally a Gothic fortress, became the seat of the famous Czech Buzic family at the end of the 12th century. It was built along the historical trade route, the so-called "Golden Route" (Semita Aurea), connecting Bohemia with Bavaria.


Padrť ponds

The Padrťské ponds are the largest bodies of water in the region. Hořejší has an area of 70 hectares, Dolejší has 30 hectares less, although originally they were much larger. Both beautiful ponds fit into the surrounding landscape similar to the Šumava lakes. Swimming is prohibited here. At the same time, a number of endangered bird species nest here, e.g. sea eagle, black stork, osprey, gray heron and, among rare mammals, the otter and, in recent years, the lynx.

Walk around 

Devil's Spindle

As the name suggests, the rockery is a favorite place of the devil, who is said to often appear here. It is also said that the castles once standing on Třemšín and Hengst were connected by a secret passage and it led right to the Devil's Spindle. A lot can be read about the strange atmosphere emanating from this place in various more or less reliable sources.

E-bike trip to

Bunker Jordan

You must have seen this bunker in the Czech film Obecná škola.

The CE "Jordán" test and training facility, popularly called "Benešák", is an infantry blockhouse of the Czechoslovak fortifications, located in Brdy on the Jordán target impact area, on the northern slope of Houpák hill at an altitude of 760 meters.

Look into the distance from

Lookout tower

Not far from your accommodation, you can climb to the Na Skále observation tower. The iron telecommunications tower with a viewing platform was built in 2001. After climbing 137 steps, you can see the undulating landscape of Šumava, Radyni Castle, part of Plzeň, the Temelín power plant and, if visibility is good, the peaks of the Alps from a height of 25 meters.

Where to go to


We would like to recommend 2 restaurants nearby. One is called New Romance, where they make great pizzas, hamburgers, but also traditional dishes. The advantage is that they deliver your food right to your Glamping. The second restaurant is Angusfarm Soběsuky, you can find it a 20-minute drive from your accommodation. The restaurant is renowned for its excellent cuisine and fresh, innovative gastronomy. We definitely recommend both restaurants.

The best meat for 


Taste local products and meat from the famous ZD Bělčice butcher shop. You can find it a 15-minute drive from your accommodation. At this butcher shop, you'll find everything honestly made from their own farm. If you like excellent aged beef for steaks, or homemade pâtés and charcuterie, you will surely find the best quality here.

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